Monday, May 3, 2010

May 2, 2010

Boy do I feel good! Photobucket
We had a great sermon at church, I cleaned out one of my kitchen cabinets and I scrubbed/mopped the kitchen floor. I also made a pretty good dinner if I do say so myself.

So yesterday I spoke too soon. Remember how I said Warner's car is newer but seems to need more work than mine? Well it was already 80 degrees before church this morning so we decided to take my car because it cools down very quickly. I still sit in the back with the baby because I have somehow convinced myself that if something were to happen, I'd be able to save him if I'm back there. (I know, I know but it helps ease my anxiety) We were burning up so I asked Warner if he could please turn it on the coldest setting for just a bit until I cooled down. That was 20 minutes into the ride and it was then that he told me it was blowing out hot air up there. Why he waited 20 minutes in a million degree car with a black suit on to tell me the air was broken, I'll never know. After church we went straight to Jiffy Lube. They tried to tell me that the motor that runs my air needed to be recharged...HUH?? Needless to say, I'm calling the Saab dealership first thing Monday morning.

It was sooooooooo tempting to stop and get some food but we came home and I got started on my mission. I took everything out of the main food cabinet, wrote down what we had and reorganized it. Here's all the junk:

and the final result is (drum roll please)...

I was wearing V, singing and dancing while doing this (a hilarious sight, I know) so he eventually fell asleep. I got the kitchen spotless and cooked dinner before he woke up. The rest of the day was pretty simple, we had dinner, played and then BBBB. I fell asleep with V which is why I am writing at 3AM. (I told myself I was not going to write any later than 12AM but obviously that didn't work out too well.)

Tomorrow I will try to get the pictures of the cloth diapers I use and my thoughts about them but they probably won't be modeled by V because he can't stay still long enough! I'll also be looking for good coupons so that I can restock the cabinets so stay tuned for those.

You know I always have questions, so here goes:
I am trying to make sure that V stays stimulated and I'm afraid I'm limiting him.
What do you do with your 9 month olds?
Here's kind of a rough layout of our scheduled outings (aside from the afternoon walk or playground trips).
Sunday: Church
Monday: PM walk/playground
Tuesday: Farmer's Market
Wednesday: Playgroup 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Thursday: PM walk/playground
Friday: Playgroup 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Saturday: Shopping, Charlottesville, Richmond, etc.

Well I'm going to sleep.
Be on the lookout for my menu, cloth diapering post and coupons tomorrow!!!

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