Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cloth Diapering...with 2

Well... I thought I had the hang of cloth diapering. I went from using them when I got the chance to being a full time cloth diaperer and even enthusiastically suggesting them to others. I was so on my cloth diaper high that I thought I would start cloth diapering my daughter right away. I stocked up on BumGenius one size, put them in the hospital bag and actually asked my husband if he thought there'd be college scholarships for students who never touched a disposable diaper (haha, those pregnancy hormones). Well, that humongous, oversized, monster of a baby I was supposed to carrying, was actually just a 7 pound 5 ounce little girl...with scrawny legs! There was a huge gap at her belly and a teeny one around her legs. Here's what she looked like in a BumGenius one size at 3 days old:

My son weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces at birth and skyrocketed to almost 15 pounds by 2 months old so I only have one size fits all and medium sized diapers (no smalls). When we got home I tried pre-folds. An even bigger disaster! The rubber pants were literally gaping at her thighs and I had to fold the pre-fold so many times that it looked as if her diaper weighed more than she. I tried BumGenius again when she was a few weeks old but got leaks in the leg area despite using the troubleshooting tips. Now my little girl is 11 pounds and has a bit more meat on those cute little legs. I think I will try them again tomorrow (er...today)!!

Aside from bedtime, -HE IS NOW SLEEPING MORE THAN 2 HOURS AT A TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- my son is back in cloth. I'm excited because I think cloth diapering with two will be much easier than disposable diapering with two. My time is really limited (and I've seemingly become 1 handed due to always having an 8 week old or 13 month old in an arm!). It's so much faster to unsnap (or un-velcro) the diaper, dump the solids into the toilet and toss the diaper in a bag until I get a chance to throw it in the washer than trying to wrap a diaper in such a way that it masks the smell and/or figuring out the diaper genie... Oh the diaper genie...yeah I haven't mastered that quite yet, another reason for sticking with cloth. Photobucket

I have to admit, while I really like the price and ease of pre-folds (no special detergents or washing instructions), with two, I think it is more practical to use something such as BumGenius or FuzziBunz. If you're interested, I received a link for a free trial* of BumGenius.

*Details apply

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