Saturday, December 11, 2010


Although I would love to host my own giveaway, I rarely participate in them. I now use twitter more frequently but I haven't always and I only use facebook from my phone which is kind of a hassle when trying to find and "like" things for giveaways. Between changing diapers, playgroup, nursing, feeding, supporting my sister and husband at basketball games, cooking, cleaning, running everyone else's errands, try to get my Avon business started, etc., etc. I really don't feel like I have time to tweet things 4 times a day, add someone's button to my [ghostlike] page, and all that these giveaways entail, BUT this one is too good to pass up!!!

While I like my fuzzi bunz and bum genius diapers, I don't have nearly enough and absolutely do not have enough money to buy more so I use disposables or prefolds, rubber pants and snappis/pins. Mama B is hosting a giveaway of GoGreen pocket diapers so I decided to enter. These diapers supposedly start at $7.99...a price I can definitely live with so my hopes are that I'd win this giveaway, love the diapers and expand my stash. You can enter too, just go to Mama B's blog!

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