Thursday, December 16, 2010


My dad and I were just discussing the joys of being in academia. He is a professor, my mother is an elementary teacher, my husband is a high school teacher and my mother-in-law is a middle school (yup, middle school) teacher. Sure you have to deal with snotty kids, rude parents and know-it-all coworkers but you get summers and weekends off, two weeks for Christmas, snow days, and you know you’ll generally be done working by 4PM. So to those of you who are NOT teachers, what do you do when you look outside and see the snow pouring down? Or when it’s 3PM on a beautiful Friday and your brain has totally checked out? Play scrabble!!! is the modern version of Scrabble and a great way to speed the time along without feeling too guilty. You do have to use your brain to play and who knows, maybe one of the words will inspire your next great project!

Check out…just not while your wife is in labor…for 33 hours (yup, that’s what my husband did).


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