Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Simpsons Season 5 - Homer's Barbershop Quartet

Thanks for the guest post by Laura Mitchell

Simpsons Season 5 features an episode called Homer's Barbershop Quartet. It is routinely on satellite TV from and is a favorite among most any Simpsons fan. When looking through old records the kids stumble upon one with Homer and some local townspeople on the cover. The story is told of the Barbershop Quartet that Homer was previously in featuring Elementary School principal Seymour Skinner, Kwik-e-Mart owner Apu, and local drunk Barney Gumble.

The group was called the Be Sharps and was a reference to the popular group the Beatles. This is noted by the name of their first album. Meet the Be Sharps is a reference to the Bea! tles' Meet the Beatles album. In the end of the episode, after their group is no longer popular they have a reunion atop a building like the Beatles during the Let It Be album.

This is a great episode for anyone that is a Simpsons or a Beatles fan. The writer's were obviously fans of the Beatles and make several great pop culture references throughout the episode. It features great musical guests such as George Harrison and David Crosby. The group The Dapper Dans voice the Barbershop Quartet. You should definitely do yourself a favor and check out this episode in the off chance that you may have missed it when it originally aired or any of the subsequent times it has been on in syndication.

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