Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 3, 2010

As cliche as it sounds, Monday was definitely manic. Photobucket I had to drop off my car at the dealership, make tons of phone calls, clean up, and best of all, soothe a teething 9 month old. I was concerned because he got his 1st tooth a few days before he turned 9 months old and it seemed like everyone else his age had 5 or 6 teeth, but God knew what he was doing! I don't know how I would have dealt with colic AND teething. I would have been hopeless!

Despite the teething, V followed the schedule very well and during his nap, I was able to look for coupons. Hopefully we will save some money when we go grocery shopping tomorrow! We are breaking our mommy-made meals to take advantage of teacher appreciation and then going shopping for the month. I did this in October and it worked out very well. Hopefully it will work for this month, I want to use the money we save to buy some covers for V's prefolds. I have fuzzi bunz, g-diapers w/ cloth and prefolds w/ rubber pants and I have to say, the prefolds are my favorite! (Weird I know). Do you have any suggestions on prefold covers and/or fasteners? Right now I use regular ole safety pins and clearish whitish rubber pants which is kind of boring. I've heard of Whisper Wraps and think that's what I will try first. I look forward to hearing your suggestions and sharing my opinion with you!

Well it has been a long day and an even longer night/early morning so I'm heading to bed. I hope these teething tablets work for more than 45 minutes!

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