Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Present Idea Swap

I don't have too many followers so not certain that this will work but I'm going to give it a try. I'm not sure about y'all, but I don't have tons of money to waste on toys that will sit in its original packing or the toy box... or wherever else it sits to collect dust. I've read online ratings and I have my favorite brands but I wanted to hear from real moms' personal experiences about toys. Can we help each other?
Just leave a comment with:
  • your child's (or children's) age and gender
  • toys they love and play with often
  • top 3 favorite features of the toy
Is that simple enough? I hope this works!

P.S. I just asked for gender as a guide. I know that girls can love trucks and boys can love dolls! :)


  1. *15 month old boy
    -Leap Frog Learn Around Playground: he loves the music (there are tons of songs), teaches textures, can use for little ones who can't yet walk but want to be active.
    -Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home: going through the door a billion times never gets old for him, lots of opposites, when he gets older we can play "house"
    -Books: he loves hearing my voice, pretending to read and turning the pages. Books teach so much!

    *4 month old girl
    -EvenFlo Exersaucer: keeps her occupied for at least 30 minutes, allows her to check out her surroundings without being held or having to lay down, has really improved her grabbing/reaching skills
    -Rattle: I never used one for my son but she loves this thing. Helps with grasping, calms her when she's crying and helps her brother interact with her (he shakes it for her sometimes)
    -Fisher Price Precious Planet Tri Arch Musical Playtime Gym: this is her brothers but she loves it too, you can move the toys around so she's not staring at one thing, it's soft & easily washable for when tummy time makes her spit up and it grows with her so even when she's sitting, she won't get bored!

  2. 10 month old girl
    -Fisher Price Babys First Blocks: She loves to lift the lid off and pick the blocks up one at a time. They are different shapes and colors and she analyzes each one. As she gets older she is able to sort the shapes by dropping them into the lid. We practice this now, but she's still a little young.

    -Fisher Price Stacking Rings: She likes the different sizes of the rings. She puts them on the holder and pulls them off individually. She also likes that the top ring makes noises like her rattles do.

    -VTech Rhyme & Discover Book: My daughter loves the songs this book plays. After one turns off she turns the page to have another start. She has also discovered that pushing the animals causes other noises and sounds. Its great for her fine motor skills. She has learned how to turn pages of a book on her own with this toy.

    - Books in general: My daughter loves books. She looks at the pictures while listening to my voice. If I stop reading she looks up at me and then turns the page. Its great to engage her in an activity that has no flashing lights or technological sounds :)


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