Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekly Meal Plan

Not working, having 2 fairly young children and budget cuts have totally drained our funds! One way we have tried to save money is by cutting out extra spending. And for us, a major source of extra spending was ordering in, dining out and grocery shopping multiples times per week. To combat this, I started planning our meals monthly. I check the cabinets and freezer towards the end of the month and try to come up with meals from what we have without being too repetitive. It's harder than it looks!!Well let me cut to the chase, I posted meals for the month of May and was thinking it was a better idea to post them for the week. Sometimes my meals get REALLY boring and I eat a bowl of cereal instead so if you have suggestions, please let me know.
Sunday: @ my parents' house
Monday: Steak, potatoes and broccoli
Tuesday: Turkey roll ups, green beans and rolls
Wednesday: Stir fry and Lipton chinese rice
Thursday: Baked pork chops, lima beans and baked apples
Friday: Chili & corn
Saturday: Lemon pepper chicken, carrots & spinach

One day I will get pics up and figure out how to make a recipe page.

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