Friday, December 3, 2010

Fearless Fridays

This week I was not fearless. My heart hangs heavy as I write this. Two boys and their father were hunting and the older son (age 10) accidentally shot the younger son (age 7) in the back. The younger son passed before getting to the hospital. I did not have the pleasure of knowing either one of the boys but my heart hurts. For the older brother. For the younger brother. For the parents. For the paramedics. I feel such sorrow for the parents having to mourn the death of their child while consoling the one who did it. I cannot imagine how a 10 year old can even process what happened or begin to sort the emotions he is going through. I am angry (at no one) that this had to happen and am furious at the people who are anonymously bashing the parents through online forums. I am fearful because this could happen to anyone. Just one day before this incident, the news stated there's a budget cut in the police department so there's one game warden for FOUR counties. They suggested to "stay inside and call the police" if we hear gun shots from people hunting without a license and to "stay out of wooded areas". I live in one of the few neighborhoods in my county so this is not as much of a concern for us but we visit friends who live in "the boonies" and I am terrified of them playing in the backyard of these houses for fear of an accident occurring. Please pray for the Craig family.

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