Saturday, December 18, 2010


Okay...Anyone who knows me knows that I am really excited about selling Avon. I am not a pushy person and have never worked in sales but in a desperate attempt to stay at home with my children, I signed up for Avon and surprisingly fell in love with it. I have to stop myself from buying more than I am selling, haha.

Anyway, I am a very organized person…to say the least. I am not sure if you are familiar with Avon, but you have to order by a certain deadline and if your representative is ever so kind, s/he will write his/her name, number, website and/or e-mail address on the back of the brochure so you can call her/him to order. Well, I just had to have a personalized pen with my name and newfound title (Ashley Howard – Independent Sales Representative) to write this information… nevermind the fact that I write it on the brochure BEFORE my customer gets it. Once I saw my less than perfect handwriting on the back of the brochures I decided I needed a stamp with my information so that my brochures looked legitimate. I searched various craft stores as well as websites and then I found it *DUN DUN* VistaPrint!!! I got my very pretty pink and green personalized pen PLUS a stamp with my name, website and e-mail address (I don’t usually talk on the phone because there may be an outburst of screaming or laughing at any given moment) for $6.50. I was upset when I saw the estimated delivery time (21 days) because my only customer –yes, my mom- would think less of me if I had my name handwritten on a brochure she would return to me. It came in about a week!! Now I am going to order business cards, another pen and one of those stamps that you can change the date on. I thought about getting a car magnet… is that over the top since my only customers are my family members? Okay, okay I’ll wait on it.

Please visit them, they have TONS of free things, including holiday cards, and you only pay shipping.

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