Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year, new me!

I think the title of this post was "one of the most annoying twitter phrases of 2010" but it's my motto for 2011. I know that while I AM feeling very inspired right now, in a few days something will happen and I will get back in the same ol' "why does everything have to happen to me?", BUT my goal for this year is to get out of that rut more quickly and bounce back.
I have a ton of personal changes that I may or may not post, but here are some of my blog resolutions:

1. Update blog design more regularly.
I have the exact design I want in my head and can never seem to find it (for free anyway) so I end up keeping one a little too long once I find one I like.

2. Answer my own questions.
I actually chose the design based on this! Instead of sitting around and waiting for comments, I am going to research my own questions and post my answers. I'm hoping that one day I will have a few people agreeing or disagreeing with my posts and we can get discussions going.

Maybe that will be a mid-2011 goal.

3. Post at least 5 times a week.
I have a million questions a day and I do a trillion google searches each day to answer these questions. For some reason I just cannot seem to update my blog. It couldn't be because my 17 month old presses the "esc", "delete" and "power" buttons each time I turn on my computer or that my [almost] 6 month old wakes up as soon as my 17 month old goes to sleep... could it?

Here's to 2011!!!!!Cheers Pictures, Images and Photos
... don't worry, that's sparkling cider!

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