Friday, May 14, 2010

Fearless Fridays

I have to admit, I wasn't too fearless this week. I was actually fearful. My son had a fever that kept climbing (didn't get to 102 so it wasn't extremely high, but still worried me) and he was actually still. STILL. Like he wasn't into everything and pulling things down. He was S T I L L. I would put him on the floor in his room to play and he would lay down or start whining and crawl to me. My son isn't even still in his sleep! Everyone said he was just teething but I knew that it was something else so I called his doctor. They didn't want him to come in until he had a fever of 103 or less for 3 days!!!!!!!! In my eyes and with my anxiety and crazy wandering mind, that was an eternity. Anything could happen to my little boy (or that's what I thought) if he had a fever and was lethargic for 3 days. So, my fearless moment was being a bit outspoken and demanding that my son be seen. If anything, I'd be out of $15 because of the co-pay and the doctor's day would go by more quickly since she wouldn't be sitting around doing nothing, right? Well, it turned out that my poor son had a double ear infection. (I told you he only got my worst qualities. I have had more ear infections since he was born than he has!) We also found out that he is allergic to penicillin (one of my fearful moments of the week). He is now doing fine and back to his old self. Now if we could capture that stillness (without the illness) for just a few moments... Photobucket


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